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I received both my BSc in Microengineering (2008) and my MSc in Robotics and Autonomous Systems (2011) from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL). In 2012 I joined the Autonomous Motion Department at the Max-Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems (MPI-IS), where I am currently working on my PhD.

Email: manuel [period] wuthrich [snail] tuebingen [period] mpg [period] de

Research Interests

I am interested in human reasoning and decision making. To name a few keywords, I am interested in logic and probability theory, machine learning, estimation and optimal control.


Estimation is concerned with inferring the state of a dynamical system continuously from incoming sensor measurements. I am interested in developing such algorithms to extract and fuse information from different sensor modalities, such as range cameras, joint encoders and force sensors. In particular, I am interested in the variational inference point of view on estimation algorithms.

Optimal Control

Given the state of the environment inferred by the estimation algorithm, which is the optimal next action to take? I am particularly interested in systems where the state can only be observed through a noisy nonlinear measurement. The separation principle does not hold in this case, which means that estimation and control have to be addressed jointly.


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