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Michael Mistry is a Postdoctoral Associate at Disney Research Pittsburgh in conjunction with Carnegie Mellon University. Starting January 2012, Michael will be a Lecturer (Asst. Prof.) at the University of Birmingham. He completed his Phd in Computer Science at USC in May 2009.

Before joining the CLMC lab in 2003, Michael received a BSE degree from the University of Pennsylvania (Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, 1998) and an MA from Boston University (Cognitive and Neural Systems, 2002). He has also earned MS degrees in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering (2005) and Computer Science (2007) from USC.

His research focuses on the representation, learning, and control of dexterous motor skills in humans and humanoid robots.

Mailing Address:

Michael Mistry
Disney Research Pittsburgh
4720 Forbes Ave, Suite 110
Pittsburgh, PA 15213, USA


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