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This page gives an overview over selected courses relevant to our research offered both by faculty from our lab as well as by other faculty of the University of Southern California.

Courses offered by CLMC faculty

The following classes are offered on either a regular irregular basis (see fourth collumn). For further information, click on the respective class.

Course NumberClassInstructorOffered
CS 542Neural Computation with Artificial Neural NetworksDr. SchaalEvery year
CS 545Introduction to RoboticsDr. SchaalEvery year
CS 567Machine LearningDr. VijayakumarIrregularly
CS 599Current Topics in Statistical LearningDr. SchaalIrregularly
CS 599Reinforcement LearningDr. SchaalIrregularly
CS 599Computational Motor Control and Biomimetic RoboticsDr. SchaalIrregularly
CS 599Advanced Topics in Neural Computation and Statistical LearningDr. SchaalIrregularly
CS 599Current Topics in Statistical Learning: Robot LearningDr. SchaalIrregularly

Courses offered by other USC faculty

These courses represent some of the classes offered at USC which are interesting to our lab. Obviously, many interesting classes are missing and we would be happy to add further classes relevant for our research interest.

Course NumberClassInstructor
BME 670Early Visual ProcessingDr. Mel & Dr. Grzywacz
CS 499Foundations of Exotic ComputationDr. Arbib
CS 561Foundations of Artificial IntelligenceDr. Moradi
CS 566Neural Network Self-OrganizationDr. v. d. Malsburg
CS 599Decision Theoretic PlanningDr. Koenig
CS 573Advanced Artificial IntelligenceDr. Tambe
CS 646Neural Models for Visually Guided BehaviorDr. Arbib, Dr. Itti
CS 584Control and Learning in Mobile Robots and Multi-Robot SystemsDr. Mataric
CS 547Sensing and Planning in RoboticsDr. Sukhatme
CS 564Brain Theory and Artificial IntelligenceDr. Arbib
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