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Teaching » Syllabus: Introduction to Robotics 2014

All downloadable documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. You can obtain Acrobat for free by following the link from the Adobe Icon.

Note: This syllabus will be modified continuously to accommodate the progress and interests of the course participants!

You can watch the course under the following Streaming Link.

Jan. 14IntroductionS&S: Chapter 1
Jan. 16Matrix Algebra RefresherS&S: Appendix A
Jan. 21Basic Linear Control Theory IBook Chapters
Jan. 23Introduction to the Robotics Operating System (ROS)Recording
Jan. 28Basic Linear Control Theory IIBook Chapter
Jan. 30Q&A about previous lectures, and Introduction to the NAO robotRecording
Feb. 4Frequency Domain Analysis, Introduction to Matlab/SimulinkBook Chapter,
Matlab/Simulink Introduction
Homework 1
Feb. 6Coordinate TransformationsS&S: Chapter 2.1-2.7
Feb. 11Robot Labs with NAO in RTH422 
Feb. 13Robot Labs with NAO in RTH422 
Feb. 18Direct KinematicsS&S: Chapter 2.7-2.10 ,
Feb. 20Inverse KinematicsS&S: Chapter 2.11, 3.1-3.7,
Feb. 25Dynamics: Lagrangian FormulationS&S: Chapter 4.1-4.4 ,
Feb. 27Dynamics: Newton-Euler Formulation and SoftwareToolsS&S: Chapter 4.5-4.8,
Mar. 4Nonlinear ControlS&S: Chapter 6,
Mar. 6Trajectory PlanningS&S: Chapter 5,
Mar. 11Force ControlS&S: Chapter 7,
Mar. 13Sensors & Actuators, FilteringS&S: Chapter 8,
Homework 2
Mar. 18Spring Break 
Mar. 20Spring Break 
Mar. 25Physical Simulation and Real-Time ControlManual for programming with SL (a bit outdated),
Mar. 27No Class; Download and Install NAO Simulator on your computerInstructions for NAO Simulator Installation
April 1Optimal ControlRecording
April 3Kalman FilteringHandout, More info on Kalman Filtering,
Homework 3
April 8Adaptive ControlRecording
April 10Project DiscussionsRecording
April 15Attend Future of Robotics Symposium 
April 17Project DiscussionsRecording,
Homework 4
April 22No Class -- Work on Project 
April 24No Class -- Work on Project 
April 29Summary of Class, Discussion of Final Quiz 
May 1Final Quiz (closed book, all material of the course)9-10:30am (normal class hours) in HNB 100 and HNB 107


Jan. 31Case Study I: Stabilization of an Artificial Eye SystemManual for robot simulator
Feb. 9canceled 
Mar. 2Nonlinear ControlS&S: Chapter 6
Mar. 7Trajectory PlanningS&S: Chapter 5
Homework 2
Mar. 9Force ControlS&S: Chapter 7
Mar. 21Sensors & Actuators, FilteringS&S: Chapter 8
Mar. 23Optimal Control 
Mar. 28Kalman FilteringHandout, More info on Kalman Filtering
Mar. 30Adaptive Control 
April. 4Introduction to Real-Time Control with Xenomai,
Case Study: Gravity Compensation of a 7 DOF Robot Arm - Theory
WindriverSystems Handout,
Manual for programming the robot
Homework 3
April 6Case Study: Gravity Compensation of a 7 DOF Robot Arm - Implementation, Discussion of Robot ProjectTAR Archive with Robot Simulator,
Homework 4
April 11Labs/ Projects Preparation (no class) 
April 13Questions and Answer Section concerning Project 
April 18Labs/ Projects Preparation (no class) 
April 20Project presentations 
April 25Project presentations (continued), Q&A for Final Quiz Preparation, and videos of cool robotics research 
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