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Teaching » Syllabus: Introduction to Robotics 2016

All downloadable documents are Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. You can obtain Acrobat for free by following the link from the Adobe Icon.

Note: This syllabus will be modified continuously to accommodate the progress and interests of the course participants!

Schedule of Lectures:

Jan. 9
IntroductionS&S: Chapter 1
Jan. 11
Matrix Algebra RefresherS&S: Appendix A
Jan. 18
Basic Linear Control Theory IBook Chapters
Jan. 23
Introduction to the NAO robotRecording
Jan. 25
Introduction to the Robotics Operating System (ROS)Recording
Jan. 30
Basic Linear Control Theory IIBook Chapter
Feb. 1
Frequency Domain Analysis, Introduction to Matlab/SimulinkBook Chapter,
Matlab/Simulink Introduction
Feb. 6
Trajectory PlanningS&S: Chapter 5,
Feb. 8
Coordinate TransformationsS&S: Chapter 2.1-2.7
Feb. 13
Direct KinematicsS&S: Chapter 2.7-2.10 ,
Feb. 15
Physical Simulation and Real-Time ControlManual for programming with SL (a bit outdated),
Feb. 22
Inverse KinematicsS&S: Chapter 2.11, 3.1-3.7,
Feb. 27
Dynamics: Lagrangian FormulationS&S: Chapter 4.1-4.4 ,
Mar. 1
Dynamics: Newton-Euler Formulation and SoftwareToolsS&S: Chapter 4.5-4.8,
Mar. 6
Nonlinear ControlS&S: Chapter 6,
Mar. 8
Biped Locomotion 
Mar. 13
Spring Break 
Mar. 15
Spring Break 
Mar. 20
Biped Locomotion 
Mar. 22
Force ControlS&S: Chapter 7,
Mar. 27
Sensors & Actuators, FilteringS&S: Chapter 8,
Mar. 29
Kalman FilteringHandout, More info on Kalman Filtering,
April 3
An Overview of Vision for Robotics 
April 5
Project DiscussionsRecording
April 10
Floating Base Control 
Apr. 12
Optimal ControlRecording
April 17
Adaptive ControlRecording
April 19
Summary of Class, Discussion of Final Quiz, Videos of Projects 
April 24
8-11am Lab time in RTH 422 
April 26
Final Quiz (closed book, all material of the course)8-9:30am (normal class hours) in SSL 150 and 9:30-11:00 in HNB 100

Schedule of Labs: (4-6pm) Group Sign-up Page

Feb. 3 and 6Getting known to the NAO robotUSC Nao Website
Feb. 13 and 17Working with the NAO simulatorInstructions for NAO Simulator
Mar. 3 and 6Object manipulation-
Mar. 31 and Apr. 3Drawing on paper-
Apr. 17, 21, 28, and May 1Project related labs-

Schedule of Homeworks:

DateDue DateLink to Homework
Feb.14Feb.26Homework 1
March 20April 2Homework 2
March 30April 12Homework 3
April 17May 1Homework 4


Jan. 31Case Study I: Stabilization of an Artificial Eye SystemManual for robot simulator
Feb. 9canceled 
Mar. 2Nonlinear ControlS&S: Chapter 6
Mar. 7Trajectory PlanningS&S: Chapter 5
Homework 2
Mar. 9Force ControlS&S: Chapter 7
Mar. 21Sensors & Actuators, FilteringS&S: Chapter 8
Mar. 23Optimal Control 
Mar. 28Kalman FilteringHandout, More info on Kalman Filtering
Mar. 30Adaptive Control 
April. 4Introduction to Real-Time Control with Xenomai,
Case Study: Gravity Compensation of a 7 DOF Robot Arm - Theory
WindriverSystems Handout,
Manual for programming the robot
Homework 3
April 6Case Study: Gravity Compensation of a 7 DOF Robot Arm - Implementation, Discussion of Robot ProjectTAR Archive with Robot Simulator,
Homework 4
April 11Labs/ Projects Preparation (no class) 
April 13Questions and Answer Section concerning Project 
April 18Labs/ Projects Preparation (no class) 
April 20Project presentations 
April 25Project presentations (continued), Q&A for Final Quiz Preparation, and videos of cool robotics research 

Schedule of Labs: (4-6pm)

TBAStepping BehaviorTBA
TBAUsing sonar for distance navigationTBA
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